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Pimpo Productions
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Party All Night (remix)
Survivor - Yabba Bingie
Riddim by Deal www.sectionurbaineprod.com
Down My Lonely Street - Black Talent
Smile Inna Mi Face - Black Talent
Song about people who say they're your friend but act contrary.
Tonight With My Girl - Dr. Kex & Mikey Lee
The Pimpo Productions’ story starts in St. Andrew in the summer of 1991 when Roger Kerr, then a fourth former at Calabar High School, became so impressed with the lyrics of the new star on the scene, Buju Banton, that he decided that he wanted to be in the music business. His first intention was to become the next big DJ but after noticing the exploits of Dave Kelly over the next few years, he set his sights on being a producer. As a means to this end, he left for the North Coast immediately after leaving the University of Technology in 1997, to get his feet wet in the entertainment industry as an entertainment co-ordinator at the all-inclusive resort, Ciboney. It was there that he became aware of the intricacies of a true stage performance, which was a far cry from his days of performing at UTECH socials. While there, he traveled back and forth from Ocho Rios to Kingston to take advantage of an audio engineering course being offered by Steven Ventura of Celestial Sounds. This was the beginning of a long learning process. After completing that course, he set his sights on producing his first recordings. That effort went largely unnoticed but the experience was invaluable as it taught him the details of the record making process. In the process he also started his own label, Pimpo Productions. He then set his sights on getting his own equipment and eventually acquired his own MPC 2000XL drum machine, keyboard, 4-track mixer and computer and proceeded to teach himself how to make beats. He hooked up with like-minded friends from Hellshire and further developed his production and engineering skills while recording demos at Junior’s house. This led to the first compilation entitled Pimpo’s Paradise Vol. # 1, which features talents from Hellshire and St. Ann. The set includes five original tracks and one remix. The artists featured are Yabba Bingie, Timba, Billy Fras, Don McGregor, and T.K. Our current project features the likes of Dr. Kex, Mikey Lee, Black Talent and Yabba Bingie.
Your musical influences
Buju Banton, Tupac Shakur, Bob Marley, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Linkin Park, Shabba Ranks, Shaggy.
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