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This is a North Carolina rapper named MAGILLA! Bitch, this is raw! Flows like water...no style is the same, even for Magilla. Songs have multiple personalitie
Magilla-Playtime Is Over
From Winston-Salem, NC MAGILLA is on the hip hop scene. Now 18 years of age, he wants to become a household name. Magilla is ready to tackle any obstacle that comes his way. If you wanna do collaborations or book Magilla, hit him up at http://myspace.com/MagillaDaBeast or email at RobertCorleoneiii@hotmail.com. "I KICK THAT SHIT. Ya'll can't fuck wit me. I KICK THAT SHIT" Magilla 2/5/2010 Time to put our foot down in February and make a move.
Band/artist history
Started rappin' at around 10. Got into battle rappin' around 12. At 17, linked up with Producer Robert Corleone III. Dropped first album in 2009. Stay working on other studio albums. From February of 2010 to say forever, I'm going to do collaborations. Stay tuned. http://www.myspace.com/MagillaDaBeast
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We are just getting the ball rolling. We live in a place where there are not too many parties or clubs that have much to do with the hip hop scene. That doesn't mean we won't make one. If anyone wants to get in on it, hit me up RobertCorleoneiii@hotmail.com
Your musical influences
Crashing guitars? I don't like breakin shit but yeah. I do it.
What equipment do you use?
Ableton 7.0, Reason, Roland 909, CDJ turntables and vinyls. We put electric and acoustic guitars in the mix. Bass guitars, live drums, and MIDI keyboard instruments.
Anything else?
Holla at me! http://myspace.com/MagillaDaBeast BITCH IM RAW