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Typhon X
Typhon X
20 Tracks
Typhon X, Boston Underground Hip Hop. Sik Pup Records own sik sik rapper with a mind like Ann Rice and Skills Of a deadly Lyrical Assassin.
Typhon X Live from Halloween Nihgt
Typhon X, The Lyrical Assassin, Has Been Spittin for 8 years now. Starting with the Funhouse Gang, X Honed his skills untill Dickie Skinz offered him a place on Sik Pup Records. Now He's On The Loose.
Band/artist history
TYPHON X IS THE NEWEST UP-AND-COMER FROM SIK PUP RECORDS. GET READY FOR A MUSICAL EXPERIANCE LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER KNOWN BEFORE. ONE PART HIP-HOP, ONE PART HARD-CORE, AND ALL AROUND CRAZY. THIS IS TYPHON X. Typhon X (TIE-FIN-EX) started rapping at the age of 14. Back then he was a guitarist in a punk/metal band and found himself getting frustrated with the lack of success he had been having. Finding that rapping was not as hard of a skill as he once thought, Typhon x began honing his skills. Inspired by the music of such artists as 2pac, ICP, Q Strange, Twiztid, Tech N9ne and many others, he quickly developed a style where artistic expression was a focus. Songs about Murder, Mayhem and Drugs where what interested him the most. At the age of 16 he joined a friend to start a Punk/rap band that would later be known as FUNHOUSE GANG. Funhouse Gang became a 3 man rap team, made up of Typhon X, (then known as MX) Chainz the killa, and DSMD. The Three where all heavily moved by the music put out by Psychopathic Records and Dreamed of one day being represented on the lable. After a failed attempt at music, the three parted ways untill 2 years later when a local rap team would be rumored to be talking trash. This sparked the return of Funhouse Gang as Typhon X, Chainz Tha Killa, And DSMD. They Teamed up with Dickie Skinz to record their first album titled "Welcome 2 the Funhouse". Funhouse Gang played some all ages shows with metal bands 16 Stitches and Scarecrow Hill. For 6 years this team would try to make things work, but in 2007 they broke up and moved on to bigger goals and greener pastures. NOW in 2008, Typhon X finds himself teamed up with the Master Mind of Sik Pup Records, DICKIE SKINZ. Dickie Has been Producing Typhon X as far back as the Funhouse Years, but now has picked up Typhon x as a solo Artist. He has Played with Dickie as well as Shurm, Green Monsta, Wize, and Raine. Typhon X is busy writing new songs and getting ready to make musical history. His First Mix Tape called " White Devil Branded " Hit Soundclick and the streets on April 20th, 2009. The World of Hip-Hop has never seen anything like TYPHON X - THE WHITE DEVIL.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I Play Anywhere i Can, Anytime I Can, With Anyone I Can
Your musical influences
Twiztid, ICP, Necro, Slaine, Ill Bill, Dickie Skinz, Kottonmouth Kings, Kingspade, Celph Titled, Fort Minor, 2pac,
Anything else?
Want 2 Book Typhon X? Typhon X Has Played with Dickie Skinz, Shurm, Green Monsta, Wize, Scarecrow Hill, and 16Stitches. Able 2 rock the crowd no matter rock or hip hop. visit http://www.myspace.com/typhonxisthewhitedevil and drop a Message. OR, E-Mail Smxfhg11787@yahoo.com with any offer you have.
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