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I am S&G Soul and Groove. Close your eyes and think about it...
Hello world! I have invented a new sound to compliment the new me for 2009. I call my genre S&G. That stands for soul and groove. Anybody can have rythym, and we know anybody can get the blues. But not everyone is born with soul, and not everybody has the groove. I'm far from cocky, but I am secure enough in the individual that God created to be confident. It just makes me strive often to be a better me. A better artist... Universal Ma
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Done a few live events. My most memorable would have to be opening for Nina Sky. Everybody told me that I stole the show and that I could've stayed on stage rather thann Nina Sky. It felt good signing C.d's and having people askk for your autograph, or signing posters. I can get ussed to that. Oh and Singing the legendary Dramatics (I wanna Go Outside In the Rain). They even came out to support me @ the Nina Sky gig. I was humbled, yet honored.
Your musical influences
Favorite R&B male: Donny Hathaway. Favorite female: Anita Baker And Brandy. There is music in every genre that I like. I just respect the hell out of talent. So if hear a banging ass rock track that was done right I have no choice as an artist but to respect it. Do you! Cause nobody can do you like you. Whatever it is that you do!
What equipment do you use?
For my beats I work with Magix 14, and Friuty Loops. When recording I utilize various producers. I'm looking to a project compiled of all internet instrumentals to symbolize the perfect musical marriage. A-1 voccals, put to only A-1 beats.
Anything else?
Check me out and be honest. I plan on putting my raw shit on here before it gets mixed down so that people can have a say so in the final project. so give me input on my rough drafts that will help it be a # 1. Keep it thorough, I'm abig girl, I can take it! l.o.l
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