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DM Church
DM Church
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Experimental, Poetry, Lyrics, Minimalist, Low-Fi, Garage Rock, Independent, Alternative Music...just weird shit, basically.
What is The Whispering Smith Collection? Whispering Smith is my collection of all things that come out musical. Mostly everything here is a one-take demo as I am only just fooling with a computer program and experimenting with ideas. I hope to one day have these songs better produced. I have no delusions of grandeur - I don't do this for recognition, only expression. It's pure, and raw which sometimes makes it crappy and sometimes makes it cool - I'll let you decide for yourself. For the most part I enjoy what I'm creating, and that's enough.
Band/artist history
This is not a band - its just me, a Fender, some effects pedals, a mic, a lot of crazy inspiration, and perhaps too much time on my hands. :P
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, for me its almost a private thing like writing in a journal. I like to share the end result if I like it. I can detach if I'm not performing it.
Your musical influences
God and the Devil - sometimes both at the same time.
What equipment do you use?
Whatever works for the artistic statement I want to make. I don't get hung up on who what or how.
Anything else?
Special thanks to my friends and family for the never-ending support and love. And thank you everyone who stops by my little corner here.
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