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Dj Mr Willis
Dj Mr Willis
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One of Denver Colorado's top DJ's/Producers/Beatmakers
Band/artist history
I started DJing in 1999 while I was in college at Ft. Lewis in Durango. It kind of happened by mistake, my friend was a bar manager/owner down there. He had this DJ in one night and I was just joking and said "I can DJ better than this kid". He told me to make a mixtape and the rest is kind of history. I started getting into making beats and eventually took an internship at FTM studios in Lakewood, Colorado to learn how to engineer as a true professional. I feel blessed to be able to work with such talent in such a crazy industry.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live a bunch and love it! I do about 2 to 3 shows a week around the denver metro area and once a month or so go out of town for a show. Usually Texas, New Mexico and Cali ... i hit Maui once a year.
Your musical influences
DJ Premier Qbert Ice-T NWA Beastie Boys DJ Vajra Tense John Sundberg Rob Gordon James Taylor Anthony Kedis
What equipment do you use?
Cubase, Denon decks, Staton mixers, Gibson and Fender guitars... other secret stuff I can't talk about...
Anything else?
Shouts to Gamer Life, Poedic, and 8th Elemnet! Big ups to Doe at Upset records, them cats at universal, Atlas Music and my manager Manzy!!! hollar at him atlasmusiccorp@gmail.com