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Christo Mophisto
Christo Mophisto
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29 Tracks
Trip Hop, Rock, Gltter Funk (not).ccSICK, NEW, SLAMMIN' and JAMMIN'
Thanks for checking out my thang. I am a diverse artist incorporating music, film, animation, video, performance and spirit and metallurgically blending these forms together into creative magick for you to enhance your life with. Come and take this ride with me. Thanks!
Band/artist history
In this urgent time of doubt and shadow, Christo Mophisto springs forth with a radiant beacon of musical bliss to burn away the sorrow from your soul. We are digital new renaissance shamans united to encircle our powers to the full extent of our being. The results are medicinal cures for the blindness that enshrouds the world. By simply listening to Christo, you are already on the path to seeing that the dark energy has ruled but yet the day of light and joy will be wrought by shamans like us who have been graced with the power to guide human existence towards magnificence. Just listen, trust and transform!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Soon to cover Chicago and surrounding colleges and then......?
Your musical influences
Tool, Portishead, Massive Attack, Kraftwerk, Bauhaus, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Yello, Kool DJ Herc 'nuff said.
What equipment do you use?
I use musical instruments and computers made out of Balsa wood so that if things go terribly wrong, I can take out our anger by destroying them easily.
Anything else?
I love my fans and want to see people happy having great, dynamic music to enjoy to help enrich their lives.
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