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The Stillwinter
The Stillwinter
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The Stillwinter is a six piece band from Redlands, California. Considered a mix of alternative rock, pop punk, keys and piano with a bit of dance rock.
The Stillwinter is a six-piece band out of Redlands, California. Their brand of alternative rock has its roots in pop punk but with dual guitars and keyboards adds a twist of piano and dance rock to their sound, which has been likened to a mix of Panic! At The Disco, Blink 182 and Paramore.
Band/artist history
Founded in 2008 by frontman Kelly Tittor and guitarist Cameron Terry, The Stillwinter has always centered around telling stories of life, love and loss. Over the next 3 years, the addition of Richie Koepsell on bass, David Strickland on guitar and vocals, Dean DiTrapani on drums and vocals, and classically trained pianist, Austin Clay on keys / synth has molded the music into a set that has audiences at singing along, dancing and even headbanging by the end of the show. Some of The Stillwinter's more notable shows and accomplishments include playing at House of Blues in Downtown Disney, opening for world famous, pop punk veterans Rufio, and having their music aired on college radios and X103.9 FM. The Stillwinter is currently finishing their first album with the finalized lineup. Working with Grammy Award-winners Shawn Sullivan and John Vestman, the re-release of A Rose For Autumn's Fall promises to deliver on the high expectations these hard working musicians have set for themselves while staying true to their philosophy that reaching millions with their music is more important than making millions with it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
of course we play live! We aim to take on the world!
Your musical influences
We really like all music. Someone that can and does make music is appreciated cause it shows not only that they try at something but they have a passion
What equipment do you use?
line 6, ampeq, tama, fender, shure, monster, ibenez, jackson