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Sounds by Ramolly
Love to listen, so many great artist on SoundClick, occasionally I will produce a track and share it with my followers.Thanks too Rodz and Carlo and the CC.
Band/artist history
Picked up a guitar when i was 12 , studied music theory and composition in college, performing and teaching didn't interest me.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, many years ago.
Your musical influences
Just about everyone from pop to classical, I just like good arrangements that put goose bumps on your skin.
Anything else?
Thank you to Rodz and Carlo for taking up the reigns after Jude left, keeping the Clickers going.
Dusty Rose
Uploaded 5 hours ago
Organ ,piano, guitar, drums, percussion, bass, strings, synth, vox ,sax ,trumpet, trombone
#2 in Jazz General
Level Up
Today #20 in Latin
True Vine
Entry for the 25th Anniversary Soundclick
About the tiny Mustardseed
On playlists (228)
A Cover Classic by Melancholysoulgirl
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156 songs
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1st great to hear you're back Rod. Well I got a Alexa for Christmas. Excellent contemporary Jazz track Rod. So well structured it keeps you glued to the end. The overall feel is quite super. Love this kind of stuff. A hot groove happening here for sure. Big smiles here, Rod.
Very uplifting piece that put a smile on my face! Nice blend of instruments, you sure found room for a lot of different sounds. They all fit in perfectly, especially because they are repeating each other's little tunes. Great work!
Two months later it hits the Jazz Top Ten again . . . I'll raise my morning coffee to that (Dec. 16, 2022) . . .
So very beautiful. Amazing playing......Brilliant work, indeed.
Excellent song, Rod. Classy and so filled with great energy and Jazz. You are quite talented. Great horn playing.