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Tripp Hyde N Clyde via Darryl Johnson project
Tripp Hyde N Clyde via Darryl Johnson project
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Tripp Hyde N Clyde, Improvisational, channeling, Industrial fusion, Darryl Johnson , Mark Drew, Scott Tiffin, Bruce Conaway, Frank Zappa, Allan Holdsworth, King
LedZepplica Kashmir Amedabab India 1 22 2011
We Channel music without preconception and we play the role of being the Instrument and not so much the musician. Varied Ideas are inevitable and nothing seems to hinder the true Live experience. We appreciate the ability to Jam and capture Musical magic and it's materializing entities. We Seek Soundtrack placements in Movie and documentary productions and are determined to Make real live music every time we play and record the sessions. The rules are that there are "NO RULES" and place your ego out of the way ASAP during a take and plug in and listen the spirit of the "Secret Gift Of Music"
Band/artist history
We started playng in this manner in late 88 to release band stuctured tentions and just let music flow without the rules and outside influence in typical music. Freeform Inprovisation is the perfect way to learn about your true musical gifts. So we found this to still the case.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do play and record everything live in a club or a quiet studio. We own and built some just for us ! Playing Live in front of guests without any songs or any predetermination of a set list or a song is very Ballsy and brave. This edge is where some of us really enjoy living. Its never what you think it was in terms of a take and the simple One Microphone (stereo)recordings make things mold together being the better ear in the room as far as the mix. All THC recordings are raw footage.
Your musical influences
Zappa, and Holdsworth come to mind. Crimson, Van Halen, Zep, Floyd, We are into all things cool.
What equipment do you use?
Shitty souped up gear! That's a secret in some ways but we may share this later in a publication. We like to make our own instruments.
Anything else?
We want to play arenas really, and Trip out a masses tripped and starved for real music . Tons of people at one time and give them a visual media production along with the music , but we wonder how are we going to be able to package a show that always been Improv. So till then , we dream about it and play the studios, Little biker bars , and pubs that have been our breeding grounds for the THC sound.
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