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Ralph Tygerz Project
Ralph Tygerz Project
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Most people call it Folk or Folk Rock. One of our strongest is Beach Music. A few Blues songs too. Most people call it Folk or Classic Rock. I will le
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Were gonna raise our hands & Praise The Lord
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You are always here beside me
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Samples of my music. It is a pleasure for me to play and share my music with whosoever enjoys it. I play the styles that I find enjoyable. I believe that everyone has talent in life, some more than others. That we are to be able to Freely pursue the enjoyment of our music, develop our talents and share the music whenever and wherever possible with others who also enjoy hearing it. I believe that sharing music is a joy in life that we all should want to pursue, we should also pursue it Free from unnecessary and destructive criticism from those who do not choose to join in the fun and laughter and joy of life. Each of us progress musically differently, some quickly, others over long periods of time. None of us can claim perfection, as life is a walk with God, each day pursuing perfection, knowing all along that we will only attain perfection in the afterlife, not here on earth. If perfection is what you seek, you may not like my music and that's ok. I do this part time for my own pleasure and that of my Friends, with no need to impress record labels or major music outlets. I make my music available in MP3. Thank you for taking the time to read about and become informed about my Music. I appreciate all my Friends and may God Bless you and your Family always! Steve Lyons Related Link: http://sllrecords.weebly.com/
Band/artist history
Began playing live during the 1996 Spring and Summer seasons locally. Have been invited on several occasions to perform locally.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
On rare occasions I play my own music live. These are usually by personal request or a festival. I do play in a local orchestra on a regular basis.
Your musical influences
Jim Croce / James Taylor / Olivia Newton John / The Carpenters / Floyd Cramer, Boots Randolph and Chet Atkins / Eagles / The Monkees with Michael Nesmith who makes his own style of music / Union Station / Paul McCartney / Stevie Wonder / Elton John / Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Dean Martin.
What equipment do you use?
Primarily Yamaha Electric Guitar / Peavey Electric Guitar and amp / Kay Bass / Epiphone Accustic / Alto Sax / Tascam 4 track (previously-on the older songs) / I now use recording software / I have a very small recording studio
Anything else?
Whatever sounds good at the moment
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What A Day That Will Be (Cover Song)
THINK ABOUT IT (Buy 1 Get 4 Free!)
Immortal - Kendrick Lamar x Logic Type Beat