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CiferCrew is an American hip-hop duo comprising TruCifer and TJ Frost. Known around Southern California and Arizona for their witty and often non-fictional lyrical stabs, the two joined forces in March 2009 to form what you know today as CiferCrew. With showcases and events lined up, as well as releases slated for March and July 2009, this band is the busy one to keep your eyes on.
Band/artist history
We have been around for a few months. haha
Have you performed in front of an audience?
YES! around the world, hopefully. We have had alot of cool moments at shows and on tour.
Your musical influences
Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Drake, Social Distortion
What equipment do you use?
Abelton, Apple stuff like thatt
Anything else?
hit us upThere were once two kids in the city of the sun and out of all of their friends, they were the skinniest ones. They grew up, fucking screw ups, but handled their shit and by the time they were adults, they were ready to split the world in two with rhymes. They just spoke their minds. And when the time came for paths to cross, they shined like blind man seeing his first star in the sky. It opened up eyes to art in a house full of mimes..... OAK STREET. Two kids, a microphone, and a beat. Get drunk like its spring break and party until they have to sleep. When all else fails, repeat. This is what they called life week after week. Then month to month, like, "Fuck it, man, we do enough. These bills and such have got me feeling hella stuck". So they split off. One on the road and one to the beach. A few months later they'd meet again to rule the Cali streets. Now they're back in the AZ, Texas, LA, anywhere they want to play, they put it down the Cifer way. So catch at a show near you real soon. Its better than sitting on myspace up in your room....