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Oddworld Explorer
Oddworld Explorer
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This is a ambient drone project from Sweden.
38083 Rhadamanthus
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42355 Typhon / Echidna
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50000 Quaoar / Weywot
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New Moon
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This is a "ambient space drone" project from Sweden by Mr. Oakman.
Band/artist history
First of all, I am Tomas, the only member in this new solo project. Oddworld Explorer was started in 2004 as a personal playground with strange music for my own ears. Back in 2004 it was something completely different and the sound was not what it is today. The debut CD was complete in may 26, 2009 and all music was recorded in may 2009, so nothing from 2004 and forward is part of the debut CD and they will never be part of this new project either because it's too different, the old demo material sound more close to my other project known as Deep Sleep Society. Oddworld Explorer is my fifth solo project aside Oakman's Dreamland, The Space Navigator, Astral Caravan and Deep Sleep Society. Travelling between the dimensions, the second CD was released at soundclick in june 21, 2009 and the music have change a bit and it sounds more organic and calm, but still scary and dark. Secrets of Luna, the third CD was released at soundclick in december 7, 2009. The title track is one of the most played track so far. The Dark Side of Phobos ep was released in may 28, 2010 and Orbit of Deimos, the 2nd ep was released in june 14, 2010. Mission to Mars, the 4th CD was released october 27, 2010 and Mission from Mars, the 5th CD (aka Mission to Mars part 2) was released may 12, 2011. Lonely Drifting Centaurs, the 3rd ep, was released june 5, 2011 and LV-426, the 4th ep, was released december 8, 2011. A Visit to Cares, the 1st dwarf album (half LP) was released fabruary 10, 2012. LV-223, the 5th ep, was released in june 13, 2012. Bad Space Weather, the 6th ep, was released october 3, 2012. Far Side of Luna, was released april 24, 2013. The Call of Haumea, the 2nd dwarf album (half LP) was released july 19, 2014. Phases of the Moon, was released january 10, 2015. Tales from the Kuiper Belt (a half LP) was uploaded july 2, 2017. (Latest updated: July 2, 2017)
Your musical influences
Tangerine Dream (1970-1973), Steve Roach, Richard D. James, Megatone, Macabro, Kalte, Siegmar Fricke, MoozE, Mark Morgan, Erratic, Mara's Torment, Pandemia, Seetyca and many other experimatal music.
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
I guess that some people will say that "this is not music" but take it for what it is. Enjoy it or not. This is a ambient, drone and noise project and it was not made for the pop world. This is music from my own visions and it is about dark abandoned and haunted places, other worlds in the universe, post apocalytic landscapes and other strange places, sometimes taken from my own dreams and nightmares. See the whole thing as a journey throug strange worlds or soundtracks for strange and odd dimensions that no one have visit before. Do you dare to follow me? No you don't! ;) Exploring the Unknown '09 Ancient Dreams in Space II '10 Oakman's Dreamland Deep Sleep Society The Space Navigator Astral Caravan Tears From Dystopia Subconscious Domain
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