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Kati May
Kati May
2 Tracks
01 Walk Away
Peak in sub-genre #26
My singing 'Chasing Pavements' by Adele
I am a 14 year old singer that is hoping to hook up with a great songwriter, music producer, A&R person, someone in the biz that will help me get my singing career to the next level. I don't want to sing other peoples music so I have just started to write poems/lyrics and have a new keyboard. I am very serious about this and I know it is allot of hard work. I do have ideas about what I want to do but also need guidance. I have been singing since the age of three when my mom bought me a Disney Princes tape. I did take vocal lessons at the age of 6 til 7 at Viterbo Prepatory School when we lived in Lacrosse my school teacher told my mom that I should be in some kind of music class cause she felt I could sing very good for a 1st grader. Acting is another little thing that I do (been in school plays, leading roles) and would love to be in a movie someday. I have been in a studio 3 times to record demo's from karaoke cd's of some of my favorite songs. They've actually turned out really good. I am currently working with vocal coach who used to be a broadway actress/singer. I also model which I love to do to. I was in LA last summer at Paramount Studios for Catherine Schuller of Curve Style for a Divabetic runway show June '08. I continue to practice singing everyday. Both of my parents are very supportive of me and my mom is currently my personal management and does everything she can to get me heard and noticed. While I'm at school she is working it. I love to play volleyball, bike ride, work out, read, go to movies,go shopping, fashion, go on the computer, and hang out with friends. I take direction well, willing to learn, I'm confident, creative, outgoing, feel comfortable with myself (who I am) and I love to perform. Most importantly I keep awesome grades. So if you like my voice let me know! Willing to travel not a problem for me. Would love to move to New York or LA. P.S. Something funny, if it helps I am related to Greta Garbo it totally explains everything lol!!! Katelyn
Your musical influences
Fav Artists are lady gaga, paramore, 3oh!3, rihanna, beyonce, britney spears, kanye west, the american rejects, the pussycat dolls, quietdrive, blue foundation, the black ghosts, lil wayne, sugar ray, santana, ray j, tokio hotel, john mayer, duffy, flo rida, t.i, flyleaf, kelly clarkson, katy perry, metro station, robert pattinson, tickle me pink, gwen stafani, nelly furtado, chris brown, soulja boy, jojo, jordin sparks, alanis morissette, enrique lglesias, kevin rudolf, maroon 5, the veronicas, mariah carey, jennifer lopaz, john legend, the goo goo dolls, this world fair, nada surf, love stink, guster, cassie, John Mayer, jesse Mccartney and it goes on and on
What equipment do you use?
Yamaha Baby Grand, Shure 58 mic.