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Marie Manis
Marie Manis
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David and I first met and started playing music together during college in our church choir. As our relationship strengthened, so did our love for creating music together to praise God and share His gifts with others.
Band/artist history
Most of our "history" so far has been saying yes to God as He's called us to places like mountaintop villages in Peru and 2 years in the former Soviet Union country of Georgia. In our five years of marriage, music has been an important force to inspire us, challenge us, and bring us closer to God and to each other.
Your musical influences
I grew up listening to all kinds of music, but I really love the fusion of rock and interesting instruments like the sitar, didgeridoo, violin, hand drums, steel drum, etc. I also really like strong, powerful music. I think the human spirit is so passionate and colorful, so music should be just as vibrant.
What equipment do you use?
David mostly uses his acoustic/electric Taylor, which was my wedding present to him. And the violin I use was a gift he bought me a couple years ago in Germany. For vocals I use a good 'ol Shure sm58. In future recordings I look forward to using some of our hand drums, one of which we bought on a trip to Istanbul, Turkey.
Anything else?
Open your eyes, listen to the breeze, look up to the sky. We are only what we allow ourselves to be... so say yes, and be amazed.