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J-Dog Music
J-Dog Music
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I'm a producer, rapper, lyricist, and singer. Won many contests locally, have performed in many shows. Inspired by Kanye West, Eminem, Will Smith, and Nelly.
Hey what's up? I'm J-Dog, and I'm a young rapper from Pennsylvania. I make rap music, produce rap and rock music, write all kinds of music, and also sing.
Band/artist history
I started rapping at the age of 7, in local talent shows. As I got older, I began to produce and write my own music. I started recording my own music in my house with a recording program and desktop mic, which I still do. I am currently working on my third homemade album. I am also currently building a recording studio in my home, where I will be able to expand my musical capabillities.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love to perform live on stage. I have won many contests on stage, and perform locally at a regular basis. A special moment for me was in 2008, when I was chosen as one of 15 talented people from my area to perform in front of talent agents, record labels, and more at the International Talent Showcase (ITS) in Miami, Florida. Musicians, actors, and models all performed. I of course did a rap/dance performance, but also did acting competetions. It was a great experience for me.
Your musical influences
Kanye West, Eminem, Will Smith, and Nelly are my main musical influences.
What equipment do you use?
M-Audio SESSION for recording vocals on the computer. Steinberg Sequel 2 for producing music. AKAI XR20 Professional Beat Production Center for producing music. M-Audio Desktop Mic for recording vocals. Sony Dynamic Stereo Studio headphones.
Anything else?
Please check out my music, I'm open to collab and make custom beats, and please tell me what you think! Thanks! -J-Dog