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I'm a white college kid from the burbs... always liked rap music, figured i'd make some of my own. Trying to make it to the top so if you have any suggestions o
Beyond The Buzz (Down It)
Peak in sub-genre #73
Inspiration featuring Jeremy Gold
I've always liked rap music so I figured i'd make my own. Like i've said before i'm a white kid from burbs and sometimes it feels like there's not alot in rap for me to relate to and I know there lots of folks like me who like rap and feel the same way. I'm here to keep it real, i'm not gangster, I don't have lots of money, so your not gonna hear lyrics like that. I hate when people aren't real in their music. Hope you enjoy the music, get at me with comments and suggestions and what not. Peace
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not yet, but soon
Your musical influences
Everything. I like lots of rap, pop and rock music and can appreciate almost any type of good music. Except country. Hard to say my favorites but I guess among rappers Biggie, Kanye, Dre, Eminem, Asher Roth and Kid Cudi would be up there. I usually just listen to singles from pop music but lately i've downloaded albums from Lady Gaga and 30h!3 which I listen to alot. Rockwise my favorites would prolly be Modest Mouse, Death Cab and The Killers, but I listen to lots of different stuff.
What equipment do you use?
Just a mic from radio shack... so yeah, the recording quality isn't great but I don't have the cash for studio time or nice equipment so it is what it is.
Anything else?
I fuckin love asian food. I'm a Reds and Bengals fan to the death regardless of how bad they are. I also recently became a Columbus Blue Jackets fan. I love to party and do it too much, hence I hope to make some hot party tracks.
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