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Names Trance... 23 yr old mc who is trying to chase my dreams & understand what it takes to growth as a human being.... I love to rap & make music... im more an
'Lust' By Trance
My Name is Trance... Im an rapper out of Baltimore... i roll with the group D.E. Gang, who makes up of producer/rapper/Dj Kev Supreme.... Rapper J.O. Spade and Rapper J Ruga... Growing Up i always wanted to express myself and never realyy found an outlet to do it.. until i stop and paid attention to music.. an di discovered the messages leaking thru these speakers with every song... i have the gift to put words, thoughts, emotions and feelings together, so i figured music would be a great road to travel down.... i also found out alot of my fears have to be dealt with while in on this path but thats growth in life that i encourage in people.
Band/artist history
I started to take rapping serious in 2001 after Nas dropped Stillmatic.... all my homies was rapping so i just joined in after discovering how artist was using music to express themselves... so i just felt the need to let loose and go on a journey to overcome fears in my life... im still in that process but i can sense and see the growth taking place.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Havent started to perfom live just yet..
Your musical influences
mainly nas, az and rakim... recently Jayz & drake have played big roles in helping me define myself as an artist.
What equipment do you use?
Digital performer to record tracks on.
Anything else?
im in music to connect with people.. im not here for a high school popularity contest