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DUKE Music
DUKE Music
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Hello World, the is D.U.K.E. the myspace sensation on my new soundclick page. Well, I have been writing music for about 5 years now and the life is going pretty
Black thoughts (ft. Shorty Garcia)
Welcome to D.U.K.E.'s official Soundclick Page. D.U.K.E. has a new definition, Domination and Underappreciation can Kause Equalization. He is 16 years old turning 17 years old. He never was really shown the "finer things" in life. Infact he struggled to get by a lot in his life by side his mother and sister. He began taking up poetry and writing music in the summer of 04 at the age of 11 to avoid and take out his emotions and pain on something besides violence. After moving into a bad neighborhood at a young age, he began to take up various substances and did many things he should have not done. I cannot mention any in particular. After the summer of 07 though, he began to see that this was not the right life for him and left his old ways in order to fufill his dream of becoming a rapper. After gaining many connections and getting his manager Chris Silva, He now takes his music very seriously with the thought that one day he could be at the top like Lil'Wayne or Kanye West. D.U.K.E. continues to strive for fame and being discovered for what he does best.... Rap.
Band/artist history
My history.... um just writing music i guess. More of my information as far as history can be seen through my freestyles, which you can listen to on myspace.com/thereald_u_k_e
Have you performed in front of an audience?
At the moment... it will depend where because i am still in school right now so my schoolwork will always come first. If so it would be in my hometown of Staten Island New York. I love it in New York... it's my home. Every moment is special when it comes to me and my music.
Your musical influences
My Musical influences include Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Drake, The Notorious B.I.G.
What equipment do you use?
A Home Studio and Studios around My Hometown that want to make music with me.
Anything else?
Nope .... just buy I'm So Fine the debut single today... and check out freestyles and such on myspace.com/thereald_u_k_e