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Billy Brown
Billy Brown
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One man and an acoustic guitar!
As Americas founding folk legends begin to fade, the call for a modern singer/songwriter is answered by Billy Brown. Personal Experiences, People, Poverty, Peace, Politics and Principals are the 6 keys to Billy's VI-P (or 6-P) songwriting formula.
Band/artist history
Whereas others are influenced by their favorite musicians, Billy grew up in a household where listening to music was considered a distraction and was simply not permitted. This strict upbringing creates an air of mystery and intrigue in his ability to unite such rhythmic grooves with addictive melodies while having no musical background at all. As a typical teenager with a need to express himself, Billy began writing songs on an old guitar he found with only two strings. Playing by ear and testing each note until he was able to translate the music in his head onto the fret board. With years of practice and a little help from a friend, his two-string method developed into a love for open-chords and catchy riffs. Although the acoustic guitar is essential to his style, Billys strength has always been recognized lyrically and vocally. Living in a modern world with old-fashioned parents meant he was unable to share certain experiences with them, often hiding the truth and finding an outlet through songwriting. His diary consisted of a songbook capturing ideas, secrets, questions, views and key moments in Billys life. These practices eventually lead to his current success as a storyteller. Everyone can remember singing in the shower. For Billy, the bathroom was training grounds; the one place where natural reverb echoed the atmosphere of a live performance. Constantly inventing new melodies and lyrics while singing in the shower left many wet floors as Billy would run to his guitar and songbook, rushing to document his latest genius before it seeped down the drain and out of memory. Singing became an addiction which he would sometimes indulge in during classes, causing him to be ejected on several occasions. Still, his teachers were grateful for his facility in keeping students occupied during long bus rides in which he became a human jukebox, singing songs at the request of his peers and imitating the original with unbelievable accuracy. After more than a decade since his inception, Billy has been through several bands and years of experience in the ever-morphing music business. With a résumé that compiles his skills as a singer, songwriter, lyricist, producer, recording engineer, manager, booking agent, PR rep, art/web designer, cameraman, video editor and his latest expertise as an FM radio announcer, Billy Brown has become the type of self-sufficient artist that the future of the music business demands.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Live performance is Billy's passion! To work, a friend's place or a night out, he carries his guitar encased wherever he goes. Don't be surprised to see him sitting on a street corner playing his songs or showing up at your local open-mic night!
What equipment do you use?
Acoustic Guitar, a wooden stool and a microphone.
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