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Cyber Strike was formed by vocalist/guitarist Dave Diamond in the summer of 2009. Dave's main objective is to create hard and heavy music with melody.
If Only
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Bite the Bullet
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Cyber Strike - Shape Shifter
Progressive power speed thrash metal from Baltimore. Formally known as, VISIONARY, CYBERSTRIKE, is continuing where Visionary left off, creating "super" riffs, razor sharp leads with the power and melodicness not generally found in todays american metal. CYBERSTRIKE is: Dave Diamond: Lead/Rhythm Guitars & Vocals Kevyn Silverman: Bass Guitars Raul Logan: Lead/Rhythm Guitars Dennis Goldberger Jr.: Drums and percussion
Band/artist history
Dave: Not much history yet, but there will be stories to tell, that much I can assure you. Ha ha ha!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Dave: Well, since changing the name, I have enlisted the skills of some new players to keep the machine running, but Visionary had played several shows in a short period of time, headling many ourselves but alos opening for a slew of nationals such as Symphony X, Doro Pesch, Straovarius, and 3 Inches of Blood. Special moment was Visionary's first national show for Symphony X. That was the first time people really moshed to our stuff!
Your musical influences
Dave: Dave Mustaine/Megadeth is my all time fave and guitar hero. Alot of my rhythm style comes from what Dave has contributed to metal and music in general but I also like alot of other styles of music as well and there are ideas that are drawn from that area of my head as well.
What equipment do you use?
Dave: I play a Dave Mustaine Dean VMNT signature models. I use exclusively Crate amplification, Boss effects, D'addario strings, Dunlop Tortex picks, Shure mics and Horizon cables.