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Fallen Skies
Fallen Skies
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This is stuff I have been recording. PLZ LISTEN. KTHX
After the short lived live band of fallen skies, I've decided to do my own thing with it. Had good times, but sometimes the music would be obstructed by lack of instruments, layers and a few too many different ideas floating about at once. So anyways - not many other 8 stringers about so going about making my own recordings, maybe an EP? Maybe a concept album? Maybe the beginnings of a new band? maybe some fun? Who knows? Have a listen... Spread the word - if you like the music, its all up for free download, burn it to CD, torrent it, just don't claim it as your own please. If you don't like it - tell me how I could improve it or don't listen to it! Simple as! I am looking to do some collaborative work with people, message me if you are interested. Enjoy the sounds!
Band/artist history
Been through many changes - The old live band of Fallen Skies (circa 2002) sucked balls - never played a gig, practices were one hour long and consisted of me playing the living shit out of the blues scale as AWESOME SOLOS whilst drums, bass and other another guitar stayed completely out of time and key with each other. Fallen Skies (mk2 circa 2010) was actually a band, My first experimentation with the 8 string and something I enjoyed very much - some of the older demos/tracks on here were written for the band and even contain vocal/bass/drums from live recordings. In September we collectively hit a rut and pretty much stopped - All on good terms with each other and all, just needed to go our separate ways. Fallen Skies (present) consists of me and whoever else guests on a track - I feel that I can get the song how I want it to sound and like feeling in total control of it. There aren't many other 8 stringers out there and I don't really want to compromise on anything I write here. I love playing live and am trying to form a normal(ish) band but things on here are (mostly) my total own-doing.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Played a few of these recordings live - had a very good time doing so and with some of the most awesome musicians I've played with. Special moments? Gigs were awesome... Coming up with a new groove/riff is pretty sweet too...
Your musical influences
Any musicians or songwriters or producers that show talent. Devin Townsend, Bulb, Excision, Aphex Twin, Sikth if I had to name names. However; Wanky/shredder guitarists, rappers and manufactured pop songs are no gos.
What equipment do you use?
Guitars/Basses Agile Intrepid 828 Standard (modded with Bare Knuckle Aftermath) Stagg R500-AM LTD MH-250NT (modded with EMG81/85 and 24V) Jackson KVX10 (modded with EMG81/60A) Ibanez GRG270B LTD B55 Cruiser CX-150 Amps/Effects Line 6 HD147 Marshall 1960A Cab Digitech Whammy ISP Decimator Boss DD7 Studio Macbook MA472 M-Audio Fastrack Pro KRK Rokit RP8-G2 monitors Logic Pro 9 Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.2 Toontrack SDX Metal Foundry Expansion Line 6 Podfarm Platinum NI Massive NI Absynth
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