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About us
SoundClick is a pioneer in online music. We went online in 1997, at a time where we still had to write every single artist page and every link by hand. Then and now, our mission has been to work on the artists' behalf, to make their music easily available online.
We're a small team, but we're passionate. Our staff is highly dedicated to get you sorted out in case you run into any problems. We never allow any kind of harrasment or bullying on our site.
As a company, we always strive to be ethical, without cutting any corners. We allow our artists to sell or license their music through us, and believe that there will always be plenty of people willing to support artists by purchasing their music. We take copyrights very serious. Because we believe that artists deserve to be properly credited and imbursed for their art.
To report copyright infringement: Copyrights and DMCA notice
The best way to reach us is through email @ support@soundclick.com.
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