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Verne Garrison
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Valley Park, Mo  USA Joined August 2004
Graduate Forester Colorado State U class of 1958..MS in Forest Management. Started my own Garrison Associates Structural Wood Sales Company in 1981 following 22 years as manufacturer's rep. Near retirement age now at 78, started playing banjo eight years ago, writing songs mostly for Grandchildren to let them know how things were in the depression years of 1932 on up until now. I am still rough around the edges having started playing late in life; but I am having a ball! and am encouraged by the interest shown in my work. SoundClick and http://ezfolk.com/music/Lake_Fork_Verne/ are my two sites for my songs.
A Country Mile Dec 25, 2010
Well, this Christmas Day 2010, I have 5,271 hits on this site, so nine more=5,280 and this is a "country mile."....Thanks for all the friends and support I get here....and Merry Christmas to all and to all good nite... Verne