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Lynn Eltzroth
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Vanceburg, KY  USA Joined November 2004
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13
All I can say is to God be ALL the Glory! In 2016 the Lord gave me a new Bestfriend, Dale Eltzroth. In July 2017 He made us Husband and Wife. We are happily living on the side of a mountain in Eastern Kentucky with our 3 dogs, and 3 kitties enjoying all of Gods great creation. The Lord made me a fighter, the passed few years I have walked through some tough battles. The threat of losing my legs to a Brown Recluse Spider. Re-occurring Bell's Palsy, left with permanent (so they say) nerve damage and partially paralyzed vocal chords. In the beginning I had difficulty speaking, I was told I probably would never be able to sing again. Praise God at no time did I ever lose the ability to sing. God blessed me to be able to record a cd during the initial onset of the worst attack I've ever had. No longer able to pass my physical I had to surrender my CDL putting me permanently out the truck and out of work. As those doors were closed behind me new ones opened. The Lord walked me through those valleys, when I was to weak to fight He stood in the gap and fought the battle for me. I Praise the Wonderful Name of Jesus! I am thankful and have been amazing blessed by The McAdams Family Ministry that adopted me into their family and their ministry. I've been blessed to travel with the McAdams Ministry since 2010. Please remember us in your prayers as travel the Highways in service for the Lord.