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Mike Boston
Boston, USA Joined July 2005
Mike Boston Boston, a native of the Roxbury/Dorchester areas emerged from the front steps of his Roxbury slum, bore a hole into the local hip-hop scene when he decided to become a DJ and raise up local talent, something he’d not seen done before. "I got to the hearts of the people around me by rhyming" says Boston, which transformed his ability of expression to freestyling and distracting on-lookers from noticing the true shy inner persona of himself. The overwhelming response from onlookers is what led Boston to believe he had something to say that the people wanted and needed to hear. He has been deeply involved in the national service movement and through civic engagement Mike became a role model for young people. He has been a spokesperson for multiple non-profit organizations from New York City to Soweto, South Africa where he accompanied President Bill Clinton and President Nelson Mandela on a fact-finding mission. The Music Boston has been putting people on their feet for years. He honed his skills in the belly of the beast and at first chance, started a studio where young people can hear and create powerful messages through rap. "We’ve got to get in a position to give young people a chance to express themselves in more creative ways. Art is so important for that." Boston recently completed his latest album "BitterSweet". You can find Boston these days mostly in the company of his fellow Universal Disciplez and their international Universal Collective.
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Apr 26, 2007
Yo, ya music is tight, and ya beats is Fiyah. I like ya flow. Thats more of what we need in the music industry. If would like to hear some of my music http://www.soundclick.com/killatoi dont be scared to stop by for a few.