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Amy Nicholson
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USA Joined June 2006
Poetic Partners A solitary silhouette Swaying. Swinging. Keeping time with Rhythm and rhyme. Seamlessly separating slightly. What seemed to be one becomes Two figures now. Distinct, Yet never truly parting. He remains constant and true. Content to support her with His strong and, at times, gentle presence. She steals the spotlight. Twirling around him. He keeps her from flying Too high or falling too low. Moving as one entity They bend and bow. He bears her weight. She flatters his soul. It is a waltz for two. Each reaching for the other. A carefully choreographed Interplay between him and her. In the end, they come Together again. A tender embrace. Perhaps she is lost in him. Perhaps, but no matter. Each was created for the other. He is the music. She the melody. *********** *Not being blessed with the gift of music as many people are, I find it challenging to define “melody” in words, or at least in non-poetic language. It would seem that in most songs there are three elements or layers: music, melody, and lyrics. The music tells a story. The melody defines the story. The lyrics serve to further define the story. The melody is the layer of the song that “talks.” When I write lyrics to accompany a track of music, I try to imagine the words floating on the music. If the words are too heavy, if they sink, they don’t belong with the music. There should be a gentle balance between the two, a sort of dance.