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Santa Wessels
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@victory 01
Cape Town, South Africa Joined July 2006
Living in the beautiful Western Cape in South Africa. I like travelling when possible and enjoy nature and everything that is beautiful and positive. I love God and believe in Jesus as our Saviour. Comfortable being alone sometimes, but do love all kinds of people. I enjoy listening to good instrumental music and some vocal which is uplifting for the spirit/soul. I just want people to be happy in the fullness that God Creator has given us.
I believe in Jesus (Yeshua), and I believe that all my comfort and inspiration comes from Him. You see, God says in His Word ... The Holy Bible (The Torah), that we shall worship no other gods accept God Almighty (YaHweH). So, to worship water or any elements that were created by The Creator, is a abomination to God. We are to keep His commandments, and not worship idols ... You see, christmas father, fairies, little witches, easter eggs, (and some more) are all deception and does not appear in The Holy Scriptures of God. He says ... Know the Truth, and The Truth shall set you free. That's it. Don't be cought up in the things that the World has to offer ... You see, there is a way that seems right to men, but the end of it is eternal death. There is but One Way, and that is through The Son of God, Jesus the Christ. If you are not born again ... this is an invitation to seek Him ... repent of sin (dead works) and ask Him into your life to be your Lord and Saviour. I know that your intentions may be good ... really, but if Jesus is not the Author of it, it has no value at all. It won't save people from Eternal Hell ... even if they lived "good" lifes. The Return of Jesus is so very very near. Please be ready to meet Him Who gives Eternal Life and Peace. The New World Order will not be a security for Eternal Life with God. I truly send this to you with much love and hope and pray that you will make the right choice. Best wishes to you.