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andrea cremona
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Travo, (Piacenza)  Italy Joined December 2006
- WELCOME GUYS - I'm a lawyer & a drummer as well. Which one prevales ? Your guess. I have been playing music (drums/acoustic & electric guitar), particulary blues & rock'n roll. It has been a sort of job during College and University, giving me bread and butter. Pizza delivering did the rest during those days (adding just a few drops of jam). My wife is from London and I am Italian. A very profitable union for airlines, as we often fly between the UK and Italy. We are set in Italy, though (just because it rains much less ...). Being very busy with trials and Courts (people never learn ...) I had to drop the live playing, at least in the amount I was used to. Not being able to survive without music, nearly a year and a half ago I equipped a room of my house with all sort of wires/mics/instruments and started to record tracks I write or, sometimes, my mates write. So far I can count on over twenty musicians who collaborate with me in playing, writing, co-writing, arranging, co-arranging ... having fun in one world. Nearly every night we have sessions at bluesbox studios and very often we upload stuff here on Soundclick. So keep on checking this out ! ! ! You are my guests ... enjoy your stay !!!
CREDIT CRUNCH Dec 18, 2008
THE CREDIT CRUNCH: What the "duck" ? how many times we heard this "shell" of a word in the last 10/8 months ? Too many ... but I never heard of a true and genuine confession. Personally I think there are three reasons: 1) banks 2) contractors 3) politicians N. 1 gave money to everybody to buy the houses, 80% of which now are going to be repossessed. N. 2 build every inch of land possible to sell everything they could to those who borrowed the money N. 3 allowed this as it was very profitable weather for the tax office or (in the worse cases ... I happen to live in Italy) their personal pockets. Now it is tragic to see that N. 2 will buy (in most cases) the houses at the auctions, N. 1 will get most of the money back and N. 3 will benefit (again) from the judiciary taxes on the repossession procedures. How funny .... guess who will keep loosing money ? Luckily we can still do music ..... let's do it crunchy, shall we ? and stick it up their bums Just a few words after a repossession trial this morning, where I suddenly realized that .... CHEERS