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Paul Lawson
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@Pauly V
Buffalo, NY  USA Joined March 2007
Formally known as "Yung Fifth", This writer has grown from a young man afraid of love, to a young man raging with stories to tell. After 7 years of being single he finally found his voice in the matter, he had all the time to think about himself and his life. Now everything is a new page of his lyric book, from the good and bad; to the funny and lame. Pauly V is not an overall change, Pauly is his real first name "Paul" and the V is the roman numeral for "5" or "5th". He's now the type of artist that likes beats that fit his mood, he'll either sing rap or write lyrics for others as long as he likes it. The more he likes the beat, the more he write on it over and over again.