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Jerry Johnson
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@Juggalo Jay
Columbus, OH  USA Joined August 2007
I'm a 20 year old Rapper from Columbus, Ohio trying 2 find his voice, I have a few songs written and they should be up soon, so keep in touch and a look out for those and more 2 come, I'm a Juggalo, been down with tha clowns for 12 years now. I am who I am, Ladies I'm single, so holla at me if u like, I'm Mixed 75% White and 25% Black, I drive 2 be tha best rapper that I can be, but I don't wanna be better then other rappers, we all have our own skills and we all are our own person, I'm just trying 2 be me and get mine. just staying on tha grind aiight, so don't tell me dat I sounds like someone, or suck worse then one rapper or tell me that I'm tha best rapper, I'm Not better then anyone but myself, I am who I am don't judge me, I'm one voice, one person, no one else, so don't mistake tha name, Young Turf baby, I sound like me. I've been rapping since I was 10 years old, but I didn't take it serious, but then a moment in my life I got 2 da point 2 where I was fed up with life and wanted 2 kill myself, music saved me I now rap my life on Beats, so I can get my anger out in a different way. wanna know something else, ask me!