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Lynn Grandin
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Mill Creek, WA  USA Joined October 2007
Whud Up wit me..... Mar 5, 2008
Moved into a boarding home w/my 11 year old son and sharing a bedroom. Able to work more hours, so slowly coming out of poverty......Ssssslllllllllooooooooooooooooooolllllllyyyyyyyyyy.............. Cheers! Having a little health problem... Got some glass stuck in my head after a stolen vehicle driver ran me off the road, awhile back, which cause some problems... They dug out the glass only to find Basal Cell Carcenoma. (No wonder it wouldn't heal--since MARCH!!) Anyway, the short story is they scalped me. Pathologists report says "clear", so I go in for closure of the wound (approx. silver dollar sized, maybe a little bigger) on Tuesday, 22nd. The Doc will look at a acouple things to see if I need more attention. I'm not too worried-I'm pretty sure he graduated in the tob third of his class! ;^ They're a great team and are taking very good care of me! =D Meanwhile, I'm still looking for a housing situation for me and my boy, and running out of time, as I have to be out of my current place verrrry soooon. (YIKES!) I'll stop by my site occasionally-I really do like hearing from you so feel free to leave your comments... I just won't be able to respond very redily, until I'm settled. FYI - I won't be able (and haven't been, lately) to spend much time visiting my fave-rave web sites or emailing, as I'm in the throws of securing a new place to live, upon splitting with my significant other. Not a planned event, and you all know how much fun moving is.... :^[ Hopefully, I'll be back sooner than later.... I will check in periodically just to see what's up. CHEERS!!