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Darrick Sechrist
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Keshena, WI  USA Joined November 2007
the best wraper to ever hit the rez... well there's plenty to say about this kat... eversince he made his reservation hit single "BANG DA DIS"wit his native slim dogg his shit has been off the chain!!! this man is a F#$%ing Genius... and the next best thing to represent his people!!!
Thoughts Jan 18, 2012
why does the work we put in matter so little to others who dont ever see what we do for a living? I have been a native american all my life and I have struggled, but I dont want sympathy, I want understanding. now you aint gotta love me, you aint gotta respect me, but you will understand me. I am a warrior of my people and I fight for my people! I will continue to make my life better for me and my people because it is the way we as native americans were taught or at least told about...they say that it takes a tribe to raise a child, and I believe that is true. because no one person or family can raise a child alone, that child needs to learn things that only a society can teach, and I believe that with our society our children grow... we as a people teach our younger generation how to grow up by providing them with influence based upon what we as a people do.... now as a people how is it that we are unable to see are own mistakes but are so eager to point out the mistakes in others? well, I for one have been a victim of these certin circumstances. I have been tried and convicted and I have been sentenced. I have did my time and I have learned that no matter what you do in life, you have to enjoy it, otherwise its just another thing that passes you by... my thoughts for today come from the heart and I hope that they influece you to be a better person for your people... I hope that they may someday teach you as I have taught others to be curtious ot others and take the time to recognize what others have done, as well as what you yourselves have done... thank you...