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Christopher Stewart
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Quebec, Qc  Canada https://poligraf.bandcamp.com/ Joined February 2008
vegan zensufi fingerstyle guitarist / poet / essayist / composer / retooling prog rocker
hey ! my name is Christopher Stewart, but you may call me Chris. Poligraf is currently hibernating, and probably not coming back to life, at least for the foreseeable future. still, i have been writing new material steadily since the band was last active, and i plan to use this outlet to promote music old and new as it gets recorded and produced. expect a mix of songs and instrumentals influenced from progressive rock and which have been written for Poligraf, singer-songwriter tunes that are closer in their essence to folk-rock or even pop, pieces for solo classical guitar, and occasional electroid experimentations. hope you enjoy the ride !
Monthly Release : One Of A Kind Jun 9
The belated Monthly Release for April 2020 is One Of A Kind. Right from the get-go, I should warn those among you who have been following my activities and are aware of my leanings towards progressive music, that they might be disappointed to learn that this release is singer-songwriter material, of the acoustic folk-pop variety. This is not the kind of music I had intended to release this early in the adventure, but considering the unexpected circumstances I find myself in at this time, I'm glad to be able to offer it now. Essentially written in one day in March 2013, One Of A Kind is an upbeat folk pop summer song about meeting someone who turns out to have special significance in one's life, and eventually becoming so close as to form a kind of unit with them. Ultimately, it's also about how every encounter, whether apparently desirable or otherwise, actually contributes to one's growth and to finding one's place in the grand scheme of things. The track is available for streaming and download via Bandcamp : https://poligraf.bandcamp.com/track/one-of-a-kind Lyrics and credits can be found over there. I hope you enjoy the song ! Thank you for your support ! You're hereby invited to subscribe to the Monthly Release Club to instantly get every composition I release, along with Club Exclusives and bonus materials such as demos, videos, lyrics and other works in progress : https://poligraf.bandcamp.com/monthly-release-club Among other privileges, Club Members have access to the contents of the Upcoming Releases and Creative Process series at least one month before the general public.