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your, guess  USA Joined March 2008
snowflake improvisational emotional spiritual inspirational watery Christian bluesy singer/lyricist musician. natural gift. harmonies impeccable.
Ive been on soundclick for longer than since 2009 I got here in 2007.... had no traffic and then all of a sudden....people came..... I made good solid musical collaborations some in friendship.....and of my own music I have diversified....have covered many genres and my own atmospherique dramatique my own made up name for my stylings.
Spotlight Song
I wrote this song last year for a song I did with Drumnjon called INWARD SKY... its been done a few times......but this time it is a new arrangement whole new face... I love the lyrics to my song so I felt it went quite well with my melody lines ....
THE ONLY SPACE WHERE IT IS SAFE. THE INWARD SKY THE ONLY SPACE TO FLY.....I wrote this for our whole world......right now go inside to where your calm I go to GOD.. I go to a visionary space I call the Inward sky....of course its poetic silence......this is what the world needs now to shut the world out and all the fuss about .....and find that space within you hold dear with high regard of beauty unprecedented and still point poised calm.. go to your INWARD SKY and fly into the possible light.
Its a New Day!!! Yesterday
Its a new day the Son is shining.... smiling all has been kissed by Truth for me... the fact that the sun is still shining trees are still standing in blessed breezes and we are here to witness things we long took for granted..... but we prevail because love does overcome darkness and chaos our wilderness and storm will be restored hope is certain any other negative revelation is not a peaceful resolution to what dark night of each of our souls we have been brought through we have the inward gaze within of the kingdom in our hearts....... a force stronger than any thing that chaos can throw at a human being..... I know Christ was not accepted by many because He had radical love for the Utmost High Truth..... His Truth is light and His Truth is pure Love....... His Way is radical love....... I am hard pressed to explore His Ressurrection......When I meditate he keeps coming to me as the face of Christ with roots and branches....... for me his presence is so palpable that I can honestly say Im mystically in touch with the presence.........He is completely by through much metaphor and symbolism for me........ my art is filled with Mystical references to Jesus. I am very selective of what I let into my relationship with Him......... I avoid the status quos idea of what Christianity has been as of late....... influenced by deceptive conspiracy theorys and news commentaries....... I have extricated from the outside interference of the peace laden sanctuary I feel in my meditative state..... I may be in the world but I am not of it....... I seriously separate from the world view.... that has been my sanity..... that has only frustrated my relating to God so I separate my heart life........ I am posting this because I am honoring Jesus and proclaiming faith in balanced thoughts and proclaiming peace above chaotic thoughts ....... I have been scattered for the last 4 years in fears........ today marks a day I can breath a sigh of relief......A sigh to make up for 4 years of bouts of depression And sleepless nights........ Today I took back my power....... Im using my faith and that constitutes mind over matter....... for me......... positive energy above the dark chaos that was hurled at our planet and every human being on Earth. Positive thought within believing not only in Christs example but like Him........ in Aramaic the meaning is a little different than just believing in him its believing like Him. He was a radical lover of all that was Good..... and he resurrected after being crucified going to the ends of the earth for humanity saving us from the nefarious clutches of death. his mercy is what blows me away his gentle might is what blows me away........ Hes taught me how to see what is real and not a deceptive appearance.... Ive sought His face through all.......... I know he is a force to be reckoned with...... He rescued me. And despite those who are ashamed to voice up their relating with this beautiful savior merciful counselor. I am doing so because I really love him enough to state just how much. I do not know a Jesus of wrathful anger but a merciful gentle mighty ruler. He is Lord of my heart and my life. And I am so thankful he exists because without him I wouldnt have eternal life. Without him miracles would cease to exist and darkness would prevail over light. And our world would be reduced to evil tyranny. Thank God for his blessing of a new day cause with Christ every day is a new day.......... I am thankful for Jesus as the harbinger the bringer of new everything.... Just by his magical mystical beautiful name are all things put right through a little mustard seed called faith....... I have accepted him as who I look to for my sustenance and nurture... and I say this..... Jesus is sooooo cool.