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your, guess  USA Joined March 2008
snowflake improvisational emotional spiritual inspirational watery Christian bluesy singer/lyricist musician. natural gift. harmonies impeccable.
Ive been on soundclick for longer than since 2009 I got here in 2007.... had no traffic and then all of a sudden....people came..... I made good solid musical collaborations some in friendship.....and of my own music I have diversified....have covered many genres and my own atmospherique dramatique my own made up name for my stylings.
I have made a very honest realization Feb 17
I cannot be solely a Christian artist...maybe with my drawing..... but honestly sincerely... my creations stem from a flow I cannot let cascade into a cliché......Im being honest.... I have to flow and my formula is mystical......my formula is NATURE + EMOTION + TRUTH and WISDOM = song... for me it has to be that way....I know you all thought Id done gone Christian.... I have but my music will remain ATMOSPHERIQUE DRAMATIQUE....its just my little way......it always has been......I still love and revere my Lord Jesus Christ but I know me and I cant become Ned Flanders .truly I have to retain some semblance of my charming self......I cant become Christ... ever... Im not Im a child of GOD but albiet I sin like every man on this earth....IM just happy to be redeemed from the evil clutches of deception and lies.....and anyone who knows and love me knows I am original I have to be.... I have to blaze my own little trails where ever I go..... but thank GOD He walks with me where ever I go....I will not stray from this my plight....being human.....I have denounced my psychic powers as they are of no use to me now being free of deception.....MY mind is only so open as GOD shut the door to my ignorance .and keeps open the door always to his LOVE and His truth.....I will not be ashamed to say his name.... that's not it the name of Jesus CHrist in my songs only shows up when Im empassioned of heart to do so......If anyone has anything derogatory to say about my use of his name there is a scripture that says He will be ashamed of us if we are ashamed of HIm. therefore don't tell me not to verbalize my love and devotion for Jesus... if I say his name outright its cause Im saving your ass from the darkness that encroaches a human being.Im serious.... and if you feel you are offended by my use of the name Lord or Jesus or GOD or heaven look the other way please.. Im sorry but these are my feelings ..if I so feel empassioned about GOD......THese are so deep seated in my heart please understand how sincere I am being in my songs..... some of you may think me nonsensical to quote an old friend.... some of you might even think me loony tunes... GO on ahead and think what you will its your prerogative to think so...just as its mine to write and sing what flows from deep in my very soul....