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tudor thomas
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Cwmbran, United Kingdom Joined May 2008
Time I did this, having been on this site since March and its now September, - so much to do, so little time! About me ...now 60 years old , going on 17,and a grandfather. Ex-hippie, ex-army captain, ex-accountant, ex-teacher/lecturer. Fortunately, my 38 year old wife, far more mature and intelligent than me, keeps me on the straight and narrow. (Damn). Still into good music and the quality of music on this site is amazing. Dont get to listen as often as I'd like. One big regret is that I have never got into playing an instrument, unless you count a bit of singing. So I just sit back and marvel at what real musicians can produce, the style is not important, I can get into anything given a little time. One thought for you all, - in the 70's people were saying rock music was dead, nothing new to be done, all the riffs had been used, not the same or as good as it was. I thought the same for a time. Not true, I think there is more good music around now than ever.