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Matthew Viau
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All Ova, RI  USA Joined August 2008
Born Matthew John Viau Jr. on February 20th 1986 in Providence, RI. I've lived in most of the major towns/cities in tha 401 so rather than rep one town, i rep tha WHOLE Ocean State! I've been through alot, but there's always someone who's been through more so i wont sit here and bitch cuz life could always be worse. I been rhymin since 98, started in History class. Kept at it,made a crew back in like 04-05 (S.J.C.!), We were holdin it down at Black Rep for awhile, but they werent as devoted as myself so it broke apart (we all still cool though, so dont think you're gonna catch alotta shit poppin and drama lol).. Again, I kept at it. I started battling at parties for money and sacks of weed, took it to the internet when i ran out of competition wherever i was livin at tha time. Put a cd out in the summer of '08 (It Is What It Is - good looks to Mike 'Tha Professor' for blessin me wit tha beats), did tha 401 battles out in Newport later on in '08, met a man by tha name of Challz Brown (A.L.E.! If you dont know him, get familiar, he gets it poppin fa real), he gave me a chance to shine at tha grand re-opening of Sticky Fingers and he's been holdin me down with shows ever since.. Tha rest, as they say... is History! (and im making it, so take notes)
First off, i appreciate all the requests i recieve from producers/artists. If it takes me awhile to accept your request don't take it personal, i have a very hectic schedule and dont have time to keep up with this as much as id like. However when I do get the time, i go through my requests from oldest to newest and actually take the time to check your pages. so if you have been added i obviously liked something you did... On another note. If you are a producer or artists trying to get your music out to the world. WHY would you have a PRIVACY block on your page? This makes NO SENSE AT ALL. To me it seems like a ploy to get an add just for someone to view your page, which means from the gate you're sheisty so how can i expect to do business with you?Now, I won't say names because there are a few of them and im not denying these requests. Im just NOT accepting them. I will keep checking the page from time to time, but as long as i have to add you to see wut you're all about, you can sit in my lil cyber purgatory.