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axel vonkollar
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st paul, mn  USA Joined September 2008
restoring, creating, transforming truth, way, life; understanding, detachment, empathy; will, power, faith; substance, principle, symbol; soul, mind, body; god, world, self; object, attention, application; immanence, immediacy, ultimacy; enjoyment, performance, achievement; unity, variety, order; light, image, picture; particular, universal, relational; and so on; one, the same, no other; as is, the face, the other; mirror, mask, shadow; map, territory, itinerary... p.s. nothing without the music, message, and spirit of the following italian musicians: ennio morricone, luigi tenco, bruno lauzi, lucio battisti, sergio endrigo, mina mazzini, gino paoli, fabrizio de andre', ornella vanoni, lucio dalla, domenico modugno, jimmy fontana, bobby solo, i giganti, l'equipe 84, i new trolls, nino rota, patty pravo, milva, to mention just a few.... the same goes for jimihendrix, the band procolharum, jonimitchell, francislai, and davidcrosby (his solo album "if i could only remember my name", ignored&underrated&neglected),johnlennon, paulmccartney, brianauger, juliedriscoll, frankzappa, bobdylan, raycharles, rolandkirk, keithrichards, petetownsend, oscarpeterson, ellafitzgerald, robertwyatt, gong, delerium, biosphere, moby, airto, j-mclaughlin, oregon, billevans, normawinstone, judeesill, paulwinter, jackbruce, keithjarrett, laurieanderson, john cale, loureed, radiohead, thedoves, belafleck, paulsimon, harold budd, jonhassell, r-fripp, neilyoung, thesmiths, traceythorn, k-emerson.