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Mike Ash
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Ft. Worth, TX  USA Joined December 2008
Decaying Orbit is an experimental/punk/Gothic Rock band from Texas that formed in 2008 and believe in complete musical and life style freedom. Genres have no meaning for their music and they play from the gut with as much passion and integrity as possible. Their heaviest influences would include Punk Rock, Metal, Experimental Noise and Goth Rock. They record in their own Studio called The Morgue and They produce and promote Their own music and artwork through their label Decaying Enterprises. The label also produces the solo work of Mike Ash, the lead singer, keyboardist and guitarist for Decaying Orbit. Mike is self taught and has been making music in one form or another for the last 20 years. Although he has worked with many different bands and musicians, he gained the majority of his online notoriety for his work with the band Strangefire, a psychedelic folk rock band which formed in 2004 and disbanded in 2008 (www.soundclick.com/strangefire). Decaying Orbit has recorded six studio albums to date, 'Born To Decay'('09), 'Noizez From The Morgue'('10), 'Ifurin'('11), 'Chaos Theory'('12). 'Wastoid'('13) and their newest release, 'Bong Water Coffee & The Constant Struggle To Stay High'. Decaying Orbit is managed by: Demonatrixxx MGMT owned by Mike's wife, Willow. Decaying Orbit has collaborated with many other artists and is always open minded to trying new things. we do hope you njoy tha show!
REAPING ENCELADUS ~ New Decaying Orbit Collective for 2018!!!! Jun 13, 2018
Decaying Orbit - Shudderz Through The Fog(Feat. Tak) Decaying Orbit has Officially released their new online collective album, entitled, 'Reaping Enceladus'. The follow up to their 2017 album release, 'Paradoxical Symbiotic Mechanisms'. 'Reaping Enceladus' Also Features the amazingly brilliant artists, ALOKA, J3R3MY & KARMABEND, as well as the newest artist to be produced by Decaying Enterprises Productions, GOBLIN 5!!!! FREE DOWNLOADZ!!!!!