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Shawn Girouard
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USA Joined December 2009
Grew up in the lovely city of New Bedford, Massachusetts..My father has been in bands for as long as I can remember, and I do remember sitting next to the P.A. speaker when i was, maybe 3 or 4 yrs old, and loving the way the bass rumbled my whole body. I was given my first guitar at 10 yrs old, and it had a built in speaker! I Graduated from a vocational school in the Computer Information Tech. Dept..After that my life took a quick plunge. I associated myself with the wrong crowd and started doing things I never thought Id do. Got hooked up with sick drummer, Josh Drolet formerly of "entrails of angels" and currently a member of "goreality" and vocalist Jon Botelho also from "entrails" and now "smite the righteous".. We formed "Breathe the Plague" in 2003 and disbanded in 2005. Played numerous shows and benefits, and recorded a decent demo. Things got out of hand with my drug use and I could no longer hold a job, therefore couldnt pay Practice Space rent, all my equipment was sold, I ended becomming homeless, and since then have spent too much time in prison. i lost my best friend/cousin to addiction which is my main motivation to stay clean. he was a diehard metalhead and I took him to his first shows, and we buddied up in moshpits and had great fun.. but the fun ended and he was his own worst enemy and god chose to take him at the young age of 21... I know I rambled on and on, but my love for music has become more intense now that I am clean and life has a new meaning...