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Kent, United Kingdom Joined January 2004
Main instrument Sax. I also play keyboards, guitar, bass, flute, wind controller and percussion.
My Music is a Fusion of Jazz, Funk, Blues and World Music. I'm purely an amateur musician, self taught. I like to explore different musical colours and I'm drawn to rhythms. I like doing different types of tracks (genres). It's my way of keeping the music fresh. But to me music is simply music. Anyway if ever in doubt, just blew up! Because where there is tea, there is hope.
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'Bodele' is a depression on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert, Chad.
Maximilian Feb 12
This is the dog I sponsor through the Dog Trust (UK). I receive regular updates about what he's getting up too. Love him to bits and it always cheers me up when I receive cards from him. I'm a massive animal lover and have had dogs of my own (but not currently). My Cassie (Cocker Spaniel) died in 2017. Miss her loads and well as Sophie (Cocker). Thank you. I've had the very sad news that Max passed away at the end of May '20. I'll never forget him. A picture of him will remain in my house forever. This blog will stay here too.