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Tampa, USA Joined September 2012
VOODOO GODS were founded under the name SHRUNKEN HEAD. In TAMPA, early 2001 by Alex von Poschinger, Tony Norman and Seth Van De Loo. In early 2006 VOODOO GODS were joined by Hiro (who had played and still plays with such bands as: Dies Irae, Sceptic, Decapitated and Virgin Snatch) on guitars and Nergal (Behemoth) on vocals. 2007 the band was joined by bass guru Jean Baudin (who played with such bands as Nuclear Rabbits and Element of Surprise), Mike Browning (who played with the mighty Morbid Angel, Nocturnus, Acheron) on additional vocals & percussion and guitar legend David Shred DemonShankle (who was 7 years with Manowar and recorded the mighty Triumph of Steel album with them and still rules the David Shankle Band) on lead guitar. Actually there isn't a biography. We are VOODOO GODS and we have been always there, waiting a long time to cast our voodoo-spell upon mankind. The very existence. Just there with one mission: To play METAL music. That's all what counts. So enjoy our art and music...!! VOODOO GODS play METAL with influences from Death and Thrash Metal. Most of the lyrics deal with voodooism and spirits of nature, as well as the affects done by Christianity and colonialism. VOODOO GODS is a band and not a side project... VOODOO GODS are an ancestral musical system of worship and ritual practices, were gods are born and honoured along with the veneration of ancient and recent ancestors, who earlier ruled the same tutelary gods. This band shares metaphysical conceptions based on a dual cosmological machinery of art. You could describe VOODOO GODS as: “The serpent under whose auspices gather all who share the faith” and music is the vehicle for the expression of the serpent’s power. Their music is an expression of spirituality, of connection with divinity and the spirit world!!!