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King Prophit
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@KP On The Beat
USA Joined October 2013
Basically What Young Prophit means to me is.... "Young" means "never too old" & "Prophit" means "to make extra" & its not even just about extra money, but anything that you can make a profit off of or something that can benefit me or my team. I've been doing music since i was 7 years old. I never really recorded , but I would write a lot , like whatever I was feeling at the time, but me and my brother kiid fresh grew up watching my dad and my uncle make music. That's where it all first started & it was because of them that me , kiid fresh, & proficy started rapping and wanted to make a music group. When We got older we developed our own passion for music and it wasn't just because of who we looked up to, but because who looked up to us.
Young N Famous Nov 10, 2013
Young N Famous is a self-establshed group from Minnesota. We are all artists that grew up together and thrive off of all the group members' energy to keep going and making music. We have two mixtapes (Victory, Life Without Fame) as well as a project Young Prophit is currently working on called "Better Late Than Never" Our group is always looking for features, potential members, shows, and beats so if you are interested don't be afraid to just write us a message. For booking info, email us at youngnfamous2013@gmail.com