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Jazzbo Jamerson III
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Little Egypt, Illinois  USA https://soundcloud.com/user-488057121 Joined November 2015
I am a one-man garage-blues-inspired-rock-jazz-folk-psychedelic-grunge band from Little Egypt, Illinois!
Jazzbo"Hit It, Bo!"Jamerson III - No details. Said to have been from Little Egypt, Illinois. Proficient-esque/ish on both guitar and Mississippi saxophone. Present whereabouts unknown. Alleged cousin of James Jamerson. https://soundcloud.com/user-488057121
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Born In Jail Blues Part I & II
Born In Jail Blues Part I & II featuring Boney Eyes Dog Washington III
Stop time and call and response blues up in heah one time for the one time! I hope you digs it, y'all !!!