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Kirill Bogomilov-Sadko
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Moscow, Russia Joined October 2016
Kirill Bogomilov – the minstrel-storyteller, composer-narrator and multi-instrumentalist. Originally from Moscow (Russia). ?ontinues the ancient tradition of the performing music on very oldest musical instrument - SLAVONIC PSALTERIUM (helmet-shaped Gusli). It's a slavic-epic music instrument similar kantele, zither, lute, lira - is a type of music instruments of old-slavics like Boan and epic-hero Sadko, which has been known among the very oldest civilizations Hyperborea, Scythia, Celts and neighboring cultures for hundreds and hundreds of years. Psalterium (Gusli) was tied to the art of rune singing in two ways: as an instrument used to accompany rune singing and as a significant motif of the runes. Kirill Bogomilov takes the epics and legends of Ancient Russia and creates a new ones. Received the Main prize of the music competition "Samotsvety 2016" in the category "Instrumental art". In 2016 released her debut CD of the author's instrumental music with a unique blend of Psalterium and ancient-Slavic wind and stringed instruments. Actively participates in festivals of folk, ethnic and traditional music around the world. The founder of the ethno-workshop studio "Kanteleon". This kind of music especially for all kindest peoples and also for your heart! Music performed and arrangemented by Kirill Bogomilov's ethno studio "KANTELEON".
KANTELEON - The epic music from the fairy tale... Oct 11, 2016
This music performed and arrangemented by Kirill Bogomilov's ethno studio "KANTELEON".