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Prince Of Darkness (Hes Among Us Remix)
Metal - Heavy Metal
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Rory D Ruff
August 30, 2011
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Prince Of Darkness Rory D Ruff, ASCAP Manson, Bundy, Berkowitz, and Gacy Just a few who couldnt resist me I twisted their minds Devoured their will Stripped their souls and Drove them to kill I'll chew you up and spit you out World dominations what Im about (Chorus) Prince of darkness, lord of lies You can run but you cant hide No matter how far Im always near I'll break you down play upon your fear As you kneel praying unto him Prince of darkness, Merihim (2nd Verse) Stalin, Hitler, Hussein, and Heim Fulfilled my needs at one time You can bet theres more to come I've only started to have fun Watch as your world slowly starts to burn And you're left with nowhere to turn (Chorus)(Bridge) I laughed at all the genocide Spit on the tomb where he laid and died I rise as thousands fall in war And I'll laugh as they kill thousands more (Chorus)