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Hog Hip's Hattie
Single - $2.00
Rock - Classic Rock
Charts #487 in subgenre today (peak #2)
Previous peak charts position #73
Music and Lyrics By Layzpig
Creative Commons Layzpig Productions 2012
January 09, 2012
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Story behind the song
Fat Girls Can Be Fun
Hog Hips Hattie and Her Sister Named Patty They Got a Pig Farmin Daddy They’re Shine Drinkin Fatties Pork Jowl Patty and Her Sister Named Hattie They’re Shine Swillin Sows Hog Hips Hattie and Her Sister Named Patty They Wear Extra Large Panties Out On The Farm At Night In The Barn Hog Hips Hattie And Pork Jowl Patty They Dance A Jig They Sing And They Squeal We’re Drinkin Some Shine We’re Dancing A Jig We Lay In The Hay I Got Em Squealing Like Pigs Hog Hips Hattie My Shine Swillin Fatty Pork Chop Patty Four Hundred Pounds Of Happy Good LAWD!!!
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