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Dream Wanderer (Single).mp3
Metal - Progressive Metal
Previous peak charts position #122
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #20
Clutter - Goncalo Crespo
April 04, 2012
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Story behind the song
a dude that only exists in a girl's dreams... how hot is that?
I've got a reason to go on I wont let you down, I'll always be around you to save.... you! I'll carry on with this immortal life Keepin' you from impending demise. With the power bestowed upon my soul I'm the only one that can save our world Yea, I know you want me to be true! Dream on, and there's nothing I can't do! Reality, a thousand chains Prevent you from escaping the emptiness of this world! This void in which I cannot be... with you! this void in which I cannot be... with you! Such a distant memory! Dreams are the sanctum where I exist What a price to pay for love Can we go on with these immortal lies? Keepin' us from opening our eyes. All the power bestowed upon my soul May not be enough to save our world! I, I wish it could just let us be so that our love would set us free! Deep inside you'll see we're nothing but a reverie, It will not remember us once you open your eyes!