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Clutter - Goncalo Crespo/Nuno Sarnadas
April 04, 2012
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Story behind the song
this song is inspired in the Cthulhu mythos, from H.P. Lovecraft's short stories. it's about how cthulhu could invade the people's minds in his dreams and about his entrapment beneath the sea. Imagine being trapped in a shapeless city under the ocean, sleeping for thousands of years! sux hard, poor dude. that's right, we feel sorry for him! this song has a lot to do with madness and sorrow for the poor little monster at the same time... well why the hell are you reading this anyway? just listen to the song if you want.
NOOOOOOOOO! No, nothing could wake From such restless, frenzied slumber Buried beneath the weight of the seas Trapped under the spell of the stars Too far-fetched to be true And yet too real How can a human mind break free from this reverie? I’m a lost child wandering through the strangest landscapes His sleep is restless and so is mine Too scared to face what lurks below these waters It’s time we glimpse upon what lies in the darkest corners of the world! Break the shackles of the lies that hold you down! You were never meant to choose! We were never meant to rule! In the dark, the walls are closing in Emptiness stares at me with a blind eye The light shines Not so bright A thousand years of torment echo through my head With clenched fists I scream at the sky Hear my call, and set me free! Unheard, my voice fades in the wind I ask of you nothing more than freedom (Freedom, I ask, of you) Why won’t you answer the prayers Of a man that stands alone in despair? The cold sea is my home now, my home now, My fate is written upon the stars. Dreaming shades of black, Alone and tall I stand!
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