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A Simple Way of Life
A Simple Way of Life is a collaboration between David James and Pamela Davidson. Produced by Dave Scarboro. Vocals and instruments performed by Dave Scarboro.
Country - Country and Western
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David James/Pamela Davidson
David James/Pamela Davidson
August 03, 2008
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3:42 minutes
Story behind the song
My friend Pamela Davidson asked me if I would like to do a collaboration on some lyrics. I broke out the Yamaha 12 string and worked up some chords, and a melody.
A Simple Way of Life Lyrics by Pamela Davidson & David James Music by David James Produced by Dave Scarboro Vocals and Instruments performed by Dave Scarboro ? 2004 Pamela Davidson, David James. All Rights Reserved. I work eight hours; earning an honest pay I don?t need to be fancy; I love the simple way I can relax in the evening; my worries fade into the night When I get up in the morning; I feel everything is alright Chorus: Who needs a mansion when that old shack is mine Who needs a Cadillac when my Chevy truck is so fine With my three kids, my house, and my loving wife I?m just a cowboy; living a simple way of life I can do without the city life; I have my own land Far out in the country is where I take my stand I don?t need a lot of money; I know it can?t buy me love I lead the kind of life that fits me like a hand in a glove Chorus I don?t want them stylish clothes; I don?t need no 3 piece suits I like my blue jeans and my old worn-out boots, You can have your fancy way, and I?ll just keep mine It?s the simple way of life that puts me on cloud nine Chorus A simple way of life
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